JRH vocal coaching is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to develop and maintain your voice. Whether you are an artist seeking vocal health, an actor looking to find your voice, or a solo artist who needs help building endurance for an upcoming world tour, JRH vocal coaching is the answer you've been looking for. 

  Every week you will spend time in a professional studio recording over popular songs such as Taylor Swift’s "Blank Space”, Journey’s "Don't Stop Believing”, or Ed Sheeran's “Lego House”. You will receive one-on-one training on the best way to record your voice in front of a microphone all while obtaining priceless knowledge on vocal health, management, and development. At the end of your session, sit back and admire your hard work as you listen to your newly recorded track on the drive home. Relish in the proof that you have grown as a vocalist and obtained the tools to excel as a performer. 

        From his experiences singing with the one and only Michael Jackson, the ingenious John Williams, and superstar Christina Aguilera, Jon has uncovered the techniques that work and separated them from the ones that don’t. Jon has learned that listening to your own voice and critiquing what you like and dislike about it is one of the best ways to grow as a singer. In addition, the imitation and emulation of subtle characteristics that you admire in other artists has proven to be an incredibly effective technique when developing your own vocal identity. These are the components that will help mold you into one of the strongest and most infinitely diverse singers in Los Angeles. You will have the opportunity to work as a studio singer in a professional environment under the guidance of an experienced vocal instructor who understands the technique and the process to becoming a star.  There is no one better to have over your shoulder crafting your technique, seated in your corner building your strengths, and guiding you through every single exquisitely sung note.


Jon records his students using Pro Tools, on an AKG 3000B microphone, and an Mbox 2. All instrumental tracks are purchased by Jon on Karaoke Version ( and are all high quality. Students use their recordings to show their agents, managers, Casting Directors at auditions, and for their vocal reels. 

My daughter has been taking lessons with Jon for 2 years now. We love that you walk away with a recording from the lessons, as it helps you continuously improve. Plus, Jon is just a super nice guy, and makes lessons tons of fun!
— Kelly Fink (Jesse's Mom)
“I can’t tell you how much better Jon’s lessons have made my daughters voice! He’s the best in Los Angeles.”
— Jaimie Lange
By having a real recording in my hand from my first lesson a year ago, up to my most resent, I am able to see such an improvement in vocal strength and overall confidence in front of the microphone.
— Chris Berdin