Jon Robert Hall is an All American California kid with a rock tenor belt. He had a full-ride scholarship playing football in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he also earned a bachelors in Music. Jon is a seasoned musician, with performance's ranging from backings on a Michael Jackson record (History), recurred on the hit tv-show Glee, a one year stint in Vegas playing Stacee Jaxx in the Broadway show Rock of Ages, and guest staring on Fox’s most recent, Grease Live!

Jon has always found comfort in the lyrics that country music provides. The soul and grit that goes into making a record authentic, original, and motivational. To Jon, country cuts through the superficial side of life, and speaks right to your heart. He needed country when times were tough, and now country needs him. 

Musically Jon Robert Hall’s sound is an eclectic, but organic mix of California- and Nashville sounds with a flavor of Scandinavian cool. It pulls the energy from a Florida Georgia Line record, the wholesome family lyrics and melody of Cole Swindell, the grit of Bon Jovi, and Euro flavor that has yet to be tapped into in the country market. The team has esteemed Nashville writers like Ed Hill, who won his first country Grammy in 1983, and Finish producer Jaakko Manninen of Jutti Ranx/Beats and Style, (Backstreet Boys and many K-Pop and Indie Electro hits). 

The first single “College Town” takes us on a trip to simpler times when the PBR’s and Bud Lights were flowing, and the biggest worries were whether we scored big on the football field or at the party after the game. With a high energy riff, and a slammin hook, your going to want to call up your friends and re-do some of those good ole "College Town" days.  

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